Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ROUND 5!!!

My mom and I are doing it again!! And just in time for Christmas!!! AND, it is for a woman!!!

Meet Guin!

And this is her "bio" in her own words....

"I'm a 25-year-old first lieutenant in the Marine Corps. My
MOS is communications. I'm married and I have two cats; in my free time,
I love running, playing soccer, writing poetry and fiction, and anything
outdoors-y or food related! I'm originally from Watertown, NY (very
country, lots of dairy cows). I went to college at Holy Cross where I
did Naval ROTC, and when I graduated in 2005 with my degree in History,
I took a commission in the Marine Corps. My husband and I met in college
and he moved with me to gorgeous Oceanside, California, since I was
stationed at Camp Pendleton. We were married in October, 2007, but I
deployed in January (we celebrated our one year anniversary over
webcam). I have four more months to go on my deployment, but the time
has been going surprisingly quickly - a positive attitude, a supportive
spouse at home, and being beyond busy definitely helps. Cookies would
help it go by even faster, especially ones involving chocolate. :) I
promise I will share with my friends and coworkers. :)

Thanks for everything!

Now by now I think you know the drill... if not here it goes... either leave me a comment here with your information... or email me at elle1015@gmail.com and I will lead you to the link to join my group... OR go to bakinggals.com and sign up and then click on the right hand side "join a group" and find "Baking for our troops" and Join! If you have ANY questions or problems please contact me and I will help you out the best that I can!!

Also, remember that I am doing a bonus group for one of my dear friends and if you are interested in doing that please let me know... I will post some information and pictures of her soon.