Monday, March 2, 2009

A "Thank You" from his mom.

Below is copied from an email I received from Molly that Ben's mom wrote to her to pass along to all of you... (She wrote this after being forwarded the link to this blog to see what everyone had done for her son.) Please enjoy and know what you do for them REALLY does make a difference... not only to them, but their families!

"I am really overwhelmed! Really, I'm in tears! Looking at those pictures and thinking of all the time and effort put into sending boxes to a soldier(and many soldiers) these women don't even know is just amazing to me. I know that even if the recipients don't eat them they will be blessed beyond measure just to receive and be able to share...and know that someone cares that they are there.

These guys have to get discouraged a little...missing out on the fun and "freedom" of others their age. I know they often don't feel Americans are behind them in "the cause". They have no days off while there. They put relationships, marriage, and children on "hold", or struggle to keep their relationships intact. I have really been forced to see the military life so differently since Ben is in it and all the sacrifices made by the soldiers and their loved ones.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...for thinking of him and baking for him and PRAYING for him. The boxes, which the ARMY would call "boodle", will be even more of a blessing to Ben and his troops since they got moved to the new post. It is much smaller and more remote and he says the food has not been very good. They just got a computer last week so they can email, though there is only one computer for 100 guys...and no phone yet. What a great time to get boodle....and such beautiful, delicious looking boodle! And so many boxes of boodle! Yes, I'm crying just thinking of it's after day. Wow! Who could not feel blessed?! and remembered!

Please share this mom's gratitude with ALL involved! and ask them to keep praying for and blessing our troops!

Be blessed!

Keep up the good work team :-) And thank you again!