Thursday, May 14, 2009

Round 7 Round Up! Finally! Mom & I!

For this round my mom and I had a little help for our box in more ways than one (I'll explain as we go through these pics...) ...

These are the cut outs that we made:

This is my mom and her helper... She is my good friend's daughter whose dad is in the Navy and currently out to sea for 7 months. My mom and I decided hat we wanted to send a care package to him as well... So we asked my friend if her daughter wanted to help bake for her dad! And she did! And she was an EXCELLENT helper!! She helped us make the chocolate caramel surprise (the ones with the rolos inside)

Here is the candy that went inside of eggs for Easter...

Here are our boxes. 2 went to Richie and one went to my friend's husband. After our article in the paper we had 2 ladies volunteer to help. One lady donated homemade biscottis in 3 different flavors. Another lady baked cut outs as well and then bought sanck packs of peanuts and then gum!

I also contacted the Tabasco company and asked them to donate to our organization. And they did!!! They sent him a whole package of stuff! I am not sure of the details because I didn't hear the specifics, just know they did! Which I think is awesome!