Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We are still looking for people to be on our team (or someone else's - check them out here)

I know you may look below at the list of team members and be like oh there are too many I won't do it... AND you shouldn't do that!!! We still need more!! There is always room!! Even if our team gets full... For round two, they added 2 more teams at the last second because of how many bakers were still volunteering! So what I am saying is that, if you are thinking about it... DO IT!! It really makes you feel good doing something for someone else!!

Again, thanks for looking and to those who have said YES, THANK YOU!! YOU ARE AWESOME!


**please don't make fun of my picture... hee hee... I was trying to be creative (actually my husband said I should do that sometime, after seeing OBG's "logo"...)and not take a REAL long time to do it... so just laugh at it... don't critique it... **