Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our Team Members...

I will update this post as our team comes together...

So far here is our team....
My mom and I - Youngstown, OH
My Aunt Barb - Kremmling, CO
Marisa - Brooklyn, NY
Francine - Harvey, IL
Shanna - Chicago, IL
Patti - Maspeth, Queens, NY
Sara - Los Angeles, CA
Brittney - Selinsgrove, PA (or as she is referring to it as the middle of nowhere, literally) :-)
Kelly - CT
Kara - Falls Church, VA
Ashley - OK
Paige - Rock Hill, NY
Jeanne - Danville, IL
Elise - Newington, CT
Sharon - Southern CA
Suzanne - Goodyear, AZ
Lori - Alabama
Lori - Connecticut
Kristina - Portland, OR
Joanne - New York, NY
Rose - North Attleboro, MA

Thanks again to those who have joined our team!! I know Zach and the other troops will be so excited!